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Extreme Nitro

Extreme Nitro

Xtreme Nitro is a balanced mix of phosphorous and biological active phosphorous for advanced gardeners looking to maximize growth and output.

Greenhouse growers in Lower Mainland of British Columbia who are some of the best growers in the world have the highest per meter yield of any tomato growers. An interesting point is they achieve this high yield with considerably low refractometer readings of 5.5, where 12 and above are considered to be high. They contribute their success to Xtreme Nitro and the organic compounds and co-enzymes contained in it.


Bud & Flower Ignitor


001-XTRM-00050 50 gr 12/case
001-XTRM-00150 150 gr 12/case
001-XTRM-00500 500 gr 12/case
001-XTRM-01000 1 kg 12/case
001-XTRM-02000 2 kg each
001-XTRM-05000 5 kg each

How it Works :

Xtreme Nitro has been formulated to dramatically promote flower and fruit development when supplemented with a regular feeding schedule. It contains a well balanced diet of ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium needed for advanced flowering or fruiting.

Growers today believe flowering or fruit production is a direct result of decreasing the nitrogen content in the fertilizing schedule. However, this is not entirely correct, because plants do need some forms of nitrogen during the flower/fruiting stage. Often ammoniacal nitrogen, which promotes fruiting responses, is overlooked by growers. Xtreme Nitro contains these accelerated nitrogen’s growers need for their gardens.

Another key ingredient responsible for the initiation of flowering and fruit production is phosphorus. It is
necessary for photosynthesis and plant metabolism to occur . However, phosphorus alone is not the answer. The secret to increased flower development with higher sugar levels and mineral content is a biologically active
phosphate. Xtreme Nitro contains intermediate organic compounds and co-enzymes needed to complete a well rounded diet of phosphorus to induce flowering and fruiting.

The third and final component for healthy fruit and flower production is potassium. Potassium is the second most needed mineral, next to nitrogen, required for flowering or fruit producing plants. It determines the caliber of the stalk and leaves, the fruit size, as well as the number of fruit sets.

The combination of the correct forms of Nitrogen,biologically active phosphate, potassium and their accompanying co-factors, which makes Xtreme Nitro so effective.