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Welcome to Nutrilife!

At Nutrilife our philosophy is to provide the best products and service possible. As the owners of Nutrilife Plant Products Kelly and Sharon have proven over and over again that they provide both quality well tested products and strive to improve there customer service to meet the needs of there growing customer base. With over 15 years experience making plant products and over 25 years experience in the hydroponics industry it is not surprising that they are able to accomplish there goals.

Most of the staff at Nutrilife have been there for several years or more which has created a family within a family.

Nutrilife Plant products offers a wide variety of plant foods, growth regulators, organic and inorganic products for your gardening needs. Our website was designed to help make your purchasing needs easier. In the product section you can see the order code, available sizes, quantity per case (if available) price per item and a suggested retail price. In addition you will find helpful information on what our products do and how to use them.

WARNING! It has come to our attention, that there may be products from our line of Nutrients and Additives that are being passed off as "Nutrilife Plant Products". They may have similar labels and logos, and may be hard to disseminate from the original quality products that we provide to our valued customers. Please ensure that you are purchasing our products from one of the authorized dealers listed on our Website.

Western Water Farms, and Gardens Inc. located in Langley, BC is NOT AN AUTHORIZED retailer of Nutrilife Plant Products.